Latest news:

Sept 26, 2009:
The Zombies were dancing, despite being dead!

Aug 9, 2009:
Opening for the Smithereens, 7000 fans, WOW!

May 3, 2009:
80's prom at Ed's. The crowd was really in the mood. Everyone had a great time.

Mar 13, 2009:
A great night at Beedles. The house was filled with dance-crazed 80's fans. Thanks Annie and Brad!

Dec 20, 2008:
A cold and stormy night. Yet they came to the Draught Haus. Thanks Josh Lauer!

Aug 12, 2008:
New web server!

Aug 2, 2008:
Wow!! Great fun at Chickentown! Super event, excellent hosts! Thank you Nick and Jamie!

July 19, 2008:
A rainy night at Hess didn't get going until 9:00. A couple of strong new synth tunes.

Feb 3, 2008:
The band had a great night a Ed's on Feb 2 with a fun, dance-ready crowd.


Music from:

A Flock of   Seagulls
The Cars
Duran Duran
The Darkness
The Ocean Blue
Frankie Goes to   Hollywood
New Order
The Cure
Van Halen
The Killers
The Ramones
When in Rome
The Fixx
Judas Priest
The Clash
Flesh for Lulu


- New Wave
- New Romantic
- Post-Punk

Sept 29, 2011


80's New Wave Rock

Oktober has been playing new wave, new romantic rock, and post-punk since 1985. The group is based in Rochester and Winona playing fun, dancable vintage 80's alternative music from U2, A Flock of Seagulls, The Cure, Devo, The Killers, Duran Duran as well as originals.

Smithereens Concert Opening


Upcoming Dates

Apr 27, 2013 - 80's Prom "" Ed's No Name Bar in Winona

New Music

Box of Stuff
Outside of Me

The Group

Stan Breitlow - Guitar, programming, keyboards, vocals
Guy Hamernik - Bass, keyboards, foot pedals, vocals
Scott (Stelly) Stellmaker - Drums, vocals
Troy Thicke - Vocal and keyboards

The Dreams of a New Man - Re-Released!

The original 1987 release on mp3


Check out the theme music by Stan and Guy on Darkness Radio in Minneapolis
Darkness Radio
Theme Music


Please contact Troy in Rochester or Stan in Winona to arrange a booking.

Hope to see you at a show soon!